Case Study : Raleigh Rescue Mission

Case Study: Raleigh Rescue Mission

The Dilemma: In a given day, TurboHaul is removing bulk trash and junk from approximately 20-30 properties.  During that time, we come across items of furniture, clothing, or other household goods that still have a useful life.  These were items that for whatever reason, someone left them behind when they moved out of their office, apartment, or home but still were in good shape and functional.  In the past, these properties were simply throwing these items away. 

Our Solution:  Given our commitment to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, we just could allow these items to end up in the landfill.  We knew that we could find a new home for these items and make someone very happy.  So TurboHaul partnered with the Raleigh Rescue Mission where we donate these items that we pick up on our jobs.  While onsite we noticed that their donation reception area was overrun with junk that could no longer be used.  So TurboHaul decided to donate our time and trucks to remove these items.  Still not satisfied that we had done enough, we started a donation program called TurboHaul Helps where we bring donation boxes to our customer’s properties and once they are filled with canned goods, clothing and toys, we pick them up and deliver them to Raleigh Rescue Mission and other charitable organizations.  TurboHaul is excited to be a part of this valuable community service.