Day In the Life


Do your days drone on as you stare at a screen all day typing meaningless reports?  Do you feel claustrophobic in your tiny 3 walled office in the cubicle jungle? Are you frustrated with the endless bureaucracy, red tape and office politics?  Do you feel like your boss doesn’t appreciate your talent and contribution?  If so, it is time to break free and become a Turbohaul franchise owner.  Imagine an opportunity where you are the boss and call the shots.  Where you spend your days making a positive contribution to your community.  Where you are free from the confines of the office and solve business problems daily.  Where your destiny is in your own hands.  Each day is a new adventure, so below we take you through a day in the life of a TurboHaul franchisee.

6:50 am – The air is crisp, and the sun is just beginning to crest on the horizon.  You arrive a little early to open the shop in anticipation of your team arriving.  You are usually the first one there except for Mike who always arrives early and sleeps until 7:00 am when his shift starts. 

7:00 am – The cars begin to roll in and the quiet darkness of the morning has been chased away by the sun and the jovial voices of the team offering their morning greetings.  The team clocks in and begins their pre-trip inspections of the TurboTrucks. 

7:15 am – By this time the a flurry of activity surrounds the TurboTrucks as fluids are checked, tires are inflated to their proper pressure, lights and indicators are inspected, and windows are cleaned.  Everybody pitches in to ensure that the trucks are safe to operate that day. 

7:30 am – You open the door and call out for everyone to join you for a training meeting.  Today you discuss the proper loading of the truck to maximize the space, and to ensure that proper lifting and stacking procedures are learned and followed.  Following the training you close the meeting with a TurboClap and send your team on their way with words of encouragement. 

8:00 am – With the team on the way to start their routes, you login in to TurboHaul’s cutting edge operations software to review the work that was done the previous day.  Yesterday was a good day because each truck completed 6 jobs for an average of $1,400 in revenue.  Each driver is equipped with a tablet which enables them to take pictures of the job, capture the customer signature, and receive payment, so you review each job to make sure nothing was missed. 

 9:00 am –   At noon, you have a sales pitch scheduled with a Greystar who manages 18 multi-family properties in your territory so you review the slides and practice your delivery.  You quickly call Jersey Mikes to verify that the sandwich tray will be ready by 11:00 so you can pick it up on the way to the presentation.  You have found that a tasty tray of food can go a long way in greasing the skids in a sales presentation.  You are currently working with only 6 out of the 10 property managers and hope to use this presentation to pick up the remaining hold outs.  You have been working on this presentation for weeks and feel good about how it has come together. 

11:00 am  – Quick stop at Jersey Mikes to pick up the sandwich tray and then on to Walmart to get some cookies and drinks. 

12:00 pm – Sales Presentation to Greystar.  You nailed it!

1:30 pm – Alden Place is participating in your clothing drive using our charitable organization TurboHaul Helps, and they have filled up one of our donation boxes with clothing for the poor and have asked if you could come pick it up.  They are pretty close to the Greystar presentation so as you leave you swing by and pick up the box and drop it off at Goodwill’s donation center. 

3:00 pm – You have to hurry to make it to your daughter’s basketball game against their rivals.  She said the coach told her she will start today so you can’t miss it.  You pause a moment to reflect on how lucky you are to be able to attend these important events in your child’s life.  Your boss would never let you leave in your previous job.      

4:30 pm – Your daughter won her game so you stop by the convenience store to reward her with an ICEE.  The smile on her face was priceless.  You bring her home and start on dinner for the kids.  You won’t be eating dinner with the kids tonight because you have a networking dinner at the Triangle Apartment Association.  You and your spouse look forward to these events because you get to dress up and enjoy a fancy dinner together while meeting new customers to grow the business. 

6:00 pm – At the TAA Networking event you see a regional manager you have been trying to meet for months.  You and your wife ask if they would mind if you joined them at their table.  A nice casual conversation ensues and turns into a wonderful evening.  At the end of the night, the regional manager asks if you would mind coming to her office to discuss their junk removal needs.  You schedule it for next Monday.  Success!

8:00 pm – Another productive day.  You made several key connections today with some important customers.  You are confident that these connections will lead to new business continuing your steady growth as a company.  As you relax on the couch, your daughter challenges you to one-on-one.  “Bring it on” you say as you put your arm around her and walk outside and make a new memory.