Origin Story


Raised in one of the poorest counties in California, TurboHaul’s founder, Kevin Daly, was well acquainted at a young age with the necessity of hard work and hustle. To earn extra money for their family, he and his brothers would scour the roadsides and parks for bottles and cans that they could sell. Being the youngest in the group, his brothers would hold Kevin upside down by his ankles to fish out cans and bottles from trash bins. From those early experiences, Kevin says he gained a “fever for cleaning up and recycling…and a strange affinity for the smell of stale beer.” 

In high school, Kevin worked in landscaping, on a ranch, at gravel plant and in a gold mine.  Later, to pay for college, he would respond to odd-job postings on the college message board.  He noticed that many of the requests were for moving and hauling.  To help take fully advantage of these opportunities, Kevin bought a 1968 VW Bus from a cash-strapped surfer, took out the center seat for more cargo room and began performing small moves and hauling junk to the dump.  He also worked in construction and managed low-income apartment complexes.

In all of these work experiences, Kevin noticed the need for bulk trash and debris removal.  The idea of a unique and innovative hauling company began to take shape and in his senior year of college the business plan for TurboHaul was born.  One month after graduating with a degree in Transportation and Marketing, TurboHaul was launched, utilizing a computer purchased on credit and a truck rented from U-haul. 

From these humble beginnings, TurboHaul has grown into the largest, single provider of bulk trash removal in the country.  It now looks to expand into a dominate, national brand through franchise partners that possess the same ethics of hard work and integrity that the founder used to build the brand from the beginning.