Why TurboHaul?


TurboHaul is redefining the junk removal business. We have the largest single location in the junk removal business with more trucks hauling more tonnage and recycling more than any junk hauler in the industry. Our dominance in every market where we do business is not by accident. We are the biggest. We are the best. No one is faster and can get more done at a better price. TurboHaul has carefully crafted a proven business model that is unmatched by our competitors.


TurboHaul has invested heavily in making the TurboHaul brand one of a kind. Our hero themed logo along with our sharp and vibrant color scheme stand out in a crowd. These elements convey the message of speed and service to the community, which are core elements of our service offering.


TurboHaul was founded upon time tested principles and values which are infused into every aspect of the business. Values such as Integrity, Hard Work, Respect, and Service. Not only do we run our business according to these values, but we seek to live our lives by them. By so doing we can make a positive impact on our employees lives and on the lives of those we serve.


TurboHaul has maintained a focused commitment to innovation since our inception. We have painstakingly analyzed every aspect of the job from logistics, fuel efficiency, employee safety, job productivity, and branding. The result is a finely tuned system with custom designed trucks with higher capacity and more custom features than any junk removal truck in the industry. We utilize cutting edge operation and dispatch technology so that our employees have the optimal resources at their fingertips.


TurboHaul has been in business for over 23 years so you can feel comfortable joining a system that will give everything you need to achieve success. Our maturity as a concept means we have already made all the mistakes so you don’t have to. We have proven that the model works and delivers exceptional earning power. The original founder is an industry expert who remains active in the business, so you will have ongoing access to his extensive experience.